Significant Benefits

Expert adviser team for smart healthcare, with current knowledge of computer-aided diagnosis, radiomics, big data and deep learning Joint Institute of Intelligent Medical Imaging, which comprises 180 nationally respected hospitals

High Precision

The detection rate is 94.9% for 2-5mm pulmonary nodules and 99.2% for >5mm pulmonary nodules, breaking the world record of 89.7% created by Alibaba Cloud ET in the international authoritative pulmonary nodule testing contest LUNA16.

Detection rate of 2-5mm pulmonary nodule
Detection rate of >5mm lung nodule

Technological Advantages

Complex-image-processing technology

Automated importation and formatting of DICOM imagesImage transformation and resizing: Select, zoom, panAutomated segmentation of organ morphology

Advanced computer-based imaging

Region growing image segmentation Connected component labeling Support for vector machine classification Image pyramid Multiscale sliding window detection

Latest deep learning technology

Supervised-learning-based, deep neural network technology Multilayer, deep neural network training Multilevel, multi-angle and multidimensional screening

Data Advantages

Chest CT scan image database
Liver CT scan image database
Fundus image database
Pathological image database