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Company introduction

PereDoc, Inc. (PereDoc for short) is an innovative science and technology enterprise specializing in the research and development of intelligent healthcare, medical imaging, pathology, and electrophysiology aided diagnosis platforms based on artificial intelligence (AI) deep learning technology. PereDoc has obtained the qualifications as a national high-tech enterprise, Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise and double-software certification enterprise. PereDoc has independently developed all products and acquired dozens of patents and software copyrights. Currently, PereBox® Intelligent Medical Diagnosis Platform, PereMagic® Storage Compression Technic, PereBrain® AI Scientific Research Platform, PerePathos® Intelligent Pathology Platform, PereSmart® Portable Equipment, PereAir® Cloud Service Platform and other series of products have been applied in more than 200 medical institutions nationwide.

With many central enterprises as its shareholders, and relying on the background of central enterprises, PereDoc never forgets its mission. PereDoc combines massive medical data to develop a multimodal medical diagnosis platform, so as to build a digital, mobile, intelligent and multimodal innovative medical platform with leading international cloud computing, big data and AI deep learning technologies.


Our Slogan

Our Vision

Protection of
harmony and health
with precision medicine

Our Mission

Respect life and protect human health
Promote medical development with innovative technologies
China's AI technologies lead global technological changes

Our Value

Respect and love
Preciseness and innovation
Excellence and efficiency
Going beyond what we thought

Our Corporate Spirit

Discovering by heart to meet with the one inside yourself

Working together to create a brilliant future