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Company Introduction Company Events Qualifications and Honors AI Global Ecology Joint Institute of Intelligent Healthcare
Established the company
Debuted at the 14th Symposium on Cardiothoracic Imaging of the Radiology Society of the Chinese Medical Association
August to December,2017
Completed PreA round of financing of RMB 30 million
Established the Joint Institute of Intelligent Healthcare
Strategic release of five highly mature products
January to March,2018
Established the overseas medical department and signed cooperation agreements with authoritative medical institutions in Japan
Established the Hong Kong Branch
Special reports by MIT Technology Review and CCTV on PereDoc
April to June,2018
Sponsored and established the Guanghua Intelligent Medical Public Welfare Fund
Established the first AI MDT Clinic in China by Beijing Shijitan Hospital of Capital Medical University
June to September,2018
Debuted products at regional academic radiology conferences with a rapid business expansion
Global CEO of Taylor & Francis Group made a special visit to discuss cooperation
PereDoc CEO Lian Jing visited Singapore for the overseas layout of intelligent healthcare
October to December,2018
Gorgeously debuted at 2018 Chinese Congress of Radiology and 2018 Radiological Society of North America
Made a strategic docking with CEC Data: medical and health big data energized by "AI Plus" platform
PereDoc CEO Lian Jing was selected as executive director of CAIERA at the First China Medical Imaging AI Conference
January to March,2019
"Guanghua Intelligent Medical Public Welfare Fund" won two awards at the Eighth China Public Welfare Festival
Had an in-depth interview by Wired USA
April to June,2019
Established the Sichuan and Shenzhen branches
Made strategic cooperation with ESCOL to help Xinjiang Medical University establish the Precision Medicine Center
Won two awards at the Chinese Brand Influence Evaluation Results Conference
Listed among "Zhongguancun Golden Seed Enterprises"
July to September,2019
Won the "2019 AI Pioneer Award" at the Eighth China Finance Summit"
CEO Lian Jing won the award of "2019 The Best Role Models for Young People"
Selected into the key project library of the service industry in Beijing