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Company Honors

National high-tech enterprise
Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise
Software product certificate and software enterprise certificate
  • Standing executive member of Chinese Innovative Alliance of Industry, Education, Research and Application of Artificial

  • Professor Liu Shiyuan, chairman-designate of the Radiology Society of the Chinese Medical Association, holds the post of director general of CAIERA. The first members of CAIERA include medical imaging AI enterprises, many domestic hospitals and authoritative scientific research institutions.
  • PereDoc sponsored "Guanghua Intelligent Medical Public Welfare Fund"

  • The "Guanghua Intelligent Medical Public Welfare Fund", which was jointly sponsored by PereDoc, a frontier explorer in the field of "Healthcare + AI", and China Guanghua Foundation, stood out from nearly 10,000 enterprises in China and won two awards: "2018 Annual Public Welfare Innovation Award" and "2018 Annual Public Welfare Project Award".
  • The Eighth China Finance Summit

  • PereDoc won the "2019 AI Pioneer Award"
  • CEO Lian Jing won the award of "The Best Role Models for Young People in 2019"
PereDoc won the title of "Top Ten Demonstration Units of Brand Culture in China (Industry) in 2019"
PereDoc won the title of "Top Ten Outstanding Figures of Brand Innovation in China (Industry) in 2019"