PereBox® Intelligent Medical Diagnosis Solution

Intelligent medical hardware equipment

AI-based intelligent medical hardware equipment

Lung Nodule Diagnosis Solution

Locate nodules, and quantify size, volume, density, nature and other information of nodules

  • Accurately identify four major types of nodules: solid, partially solid, ground glass, and calcified nodules;
  • Provide accurate and detailed information, and highlight the location of nodules, number of layers, size, benignity or malignancy, type of nodules and other information;
  • With the unique follow-up function, easily compare follow-up cases and clearly mark the development and change of nodules;
  • Practiced in hundreds of hospitals, the precision comes out top of the industry

General Lung Diseases Diagnosis System

Detect comprehensive Lung diseases on all aspects

  • Accurately identify 10 major lung abnormalities (consolidation shadow, cystic shadow, reticular shadow, mixed density shadow, nodular shadow, patchy shadow, cord-like shadow, bronchiectasis, pleural effusion and cavities);
  • Covering hundreds of cases for screening, the system seamlessly connects with PACS/RIS system to automatically identify and diagnose current cases and generate diagnostic reports

Liver Focal Lesions Diagnosis Solution

Detect six major hepatic space-occupying lesions through liver CT

  • Deal with a variety of symptoms, and accurately detect six major hepatic space-occupying lesions;
  • With high sensitivity, the detection rate of space-occupying lesions measuring less than 3 cm keeps high;
  • Provide comprehensive functions, including adjuvant therapy, prognostic prediction, and automatic LI-RADS classification

Chest X-ray Diagnosis Solution

Detect 27 diseases

  • Through the multiple detection method, accurately identify 27 diseases, and achieve a detection rate that is superior to that of similar products;
  • Obtain diagnostic reports in real time without waiting

Mammography Diagnosis Solution

Automatically detect easily missed calcified nodules with size less than 0.5 mm from molybdenum target mammogram X-ray images, and automatically conduct the BI-RADS classification

  • Be accurate and intelligent. Automatically detect micro-calcified nodules with size less than 0.5 mm and conduct the BI-RADS classification;
  • Accurately predict, intelligently identify lesions, and maintain a high accuracy of benignity/malignancy prediction;
  • Conduct the hormone detection, and obtain report results in seconds